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The Effective Leverage Of The Planning Phase - The Key To Your Campaign Success Formula

You can get a lot of leverage from initial planning. The best way to make the process work is to systematize the flow. This article continues the marketing campaign creation series on ezinearticles.com.


Tutorial on Ranking with Articles on Google

Here is a quick read on ranking with articles that appeared on the company's SEO site; http://evenbetterseo.com. It covers working with long tail keywords to not only beat the Panda/Penguin issue but offers Google and readers what they want most; useful content.


How Much Is Too Much Social Networking?

This is a prevailing problem for those who are new to  Social Media Marketing. You could spend half a day fooling with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others in the name of marketing and promotions.  Learn how to avoid the curse of Social Media procrastination.



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