Hi, this site is an introduction to my publications and training in small business marketing and lead generation strategies. There are a lot of misconceptions about marketing on the Internet. Sure, there are a lot of success stories but there are also a lot of frustrations and false starts as well. I've found that one of the most powerful reasons for small business owners to adopt an online strategy is the realization that the Internet is not going away. As a matter of fact, as more individuals get online through tablets, cell phones and computers, they find it super easy to research local businesses with their devices.


Content Marketing Campaigns for

Small Business Growth.




Writing is a skill that can be learned but honing that skill requires both left and right brain activities.



Article marketing and ebook production are hot items in the digital publishing world.



The Web has become a place for all kinds of content including innovative ways to receive it.

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Did publishing books featured:

Local Businesses begin to utilize content marketing practices to connect with prospects.

Web videos, podcasts and slide presentations have become more standard fare for marketing.

Our books are highlighted in this section; from business to fun and entertainment.

Getting your content noticed

Digital Marketing tips and tricks


After the hard work of production is over the real work begins. How to get traffic to your work. This is the real issue that content providers must begin to tackle.

Getting your content out and noticed can be a tough prospect. It's not enough to labor over the material to make it perfect for your audience; they need to find it as well.

I have racked up a lot of tutorials over the years. Some of them can be seen in this archive. There are videos, slides, PDFs and articles to review.


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