Double My Revenues In 12 Months or Less

by Dennis Morales Francis (2008-04-01) Paperback – 1750

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Double My Revenues In 12 Months or Less

Dennis Morales Francis

Get your business showered in referral income in as little as 90 days! Creating and sustaining a small business is tough when you're going it alone. This book is a primer for those who want to massively increase their financial bottom line while installing a turn-key marketing system.


Many small business owners want to receive practical strategies, tips and support on growing, and staying profitable in their businesses. The author gives you tools and tactics that allow you to generate massive increases in small areas of your business that could make the difference between success and failure.


The materials are short and concise. All concepts are reduced to its simplest form to facilitate quick and easy comprehension. You don't have time to go through long-winded lectures. This book is a primer for setting up a successful small business venture.




Kindle Edition




Double My Revenues In 12 Months Or Less:

A Guide to Consistent Business Growth Through Developing Profitable Systems And Automated Marketing Kindle Edition

by Dennis Morales Francis (Author)


Simplified Lead Generation

Build Your Online Prospecting Machine

Profitable Systems And Automated Marketing

Small business owners don’t have the time, money or luxury of building elaborate marketing systems. More often, their goal is to generate another 20 to 30% more leads per month in order to substantially increase their bottom line.


The Internet has made lead generation cost-effective and incredibly efficient. This guide takes you through the process of understanding how lead generation works, what tools are needed and how to put a solid on-line program together quickly.


Dennis Morales Francis; the author of Double My Revenues in 12 Months or Less, explains in simple terms how to execute search engine marketing, video marketing and Social Media in order to significantly increase small business profits.



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