Content Marketing Strategies in the Internet Age

Working with good content marketing strategies

Obtaining sales online is not that simple these days. In order to reach those individuals who are looking for what you are promoting, you have to give them just what they are searching for. It is very important to understand what they desire and figure out how you can supply it to them. A site like wikipedia offers plenty of content and gets millions of views a month.

Developing a Content Strategy for the Web

Content marketing works well when publishers provide useful information to the potential customer in a format that enables easy usage. The format that helps one individual may not coincide for another. Video clips may work well for many individuals, however text might be more effective for others.

It is not essential to spend a great deal of cash to produce content for the Web. There are many free software alternatives to choose from; video making software programs are available on both Mac, Windows and Linux devices. Audio applications can capture your voice and word processing software programs are built into many operating systems nowadays. If you are not very imaginative, there are a lot of individuals who provide content as a solution online.

Let’s think about the content we will share with the target audience. How do we know what to share with them in the first place? We need to do some research first to ensure that what we will be giving them is pertinent. That is not very difficult with the Internet, close at hand. Start by opening up a search engine in your browser.

Using Article Marketing To Increase Traffic

Put yourself in the place of the average customer and type a few questions into the search engine. Use magic words such as “How do I”, “What do I need to”, “Where can I” and other phrases in front of your keywords. Look for the questions that other people ask on the Web.

Gather as much material as you can in order to satisfy the reader or viewer, yet leaves them some room to get them to take action at the end of your presentation. If you offer a few good suggestions and give them a chance to see that you have worthwhile ideas they will begin to trust you. Trust and authority are crucial in building a relationship with prospects.

There are programs out there that can help you to find out what prospects are looking for. Google’s keyword tools are extremely good at finding the right words and phrases that potential buyers are using in their searches. It is free and available online. There are paid subscription services and apps that can offer more in depth long tail phrases such as Keyword Researcher that digs out actual questions asked by prospects.

Getting the content right is half the battle, but it is an important one. That is what marketing is all about. You must be able to pinpoint a want or need (or perceived need) that your audience has and seek to fill that need or want with your solutions. Once those issues are identified, your success in reaching the target audience is halfway there.

Effective Video Marketing Strategies

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal right now in terms of marketing is YouTube. Companies large and small should develop a YouTube channel for their brand awareness. The goal of your channel is to engage an audience and leverage the views into action by taking them to your website of blog for more content. Forget about selling on these videos, make the goal to get them to your site.

Nintendo has been doing a lot to keep their loyal fans happy on Youtube. They have one of the top-ranking channels on the site. They produce lots of great content and offer subscribers plenty of reasons for coming back for more.

The next step in the battle for the hearts and minds of the marketplace is choosing the right mix of media for your content. As mentioned before, the Internet allows anyone with a computer and minimal software the opportunity to offer audio, print and video content to the masses. If a web comic will do the trick, then that option is now affordable.

Content Marketing Tips for Generating Audience Interest

A simple trick that many smart marketing people now practice is called repurposing. Take an article on a subject such as LED outdoor lighting for example; publish the article on a blog or article directory and use that content to create a video version. The audio can be published elsewhere while the article itself is enhanced with pictures and turned into a PDF document for sharing on another website.

Gather 20 or so similar articles on lighting and electronics and publish them in ebook form. Build a YouTube channel for a collection of how-to videos on lighting design and installation to round out the campaign. These videos can also be featured on the company website and emails can be sent to customers and prospects that point to the content when they are published.

Such a strategy is perfectly reasonable for businesses of all sizes to accomplish. It serves multiple purposes; brand awareness, trust and authority building and a public service to the audience. All these options can be outsourced at a reasonable return on investment.

Developing a Viral Marketing Mindset

Plan a content strategy that includes audio, video, articles, press releases, PDF documents and pictures for a complete multi-media experience for your prospects. This kind of promotional venture can make a big difference in your brand and your company’s credibility.



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