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Everyone has a story inside them pushing to come out into the physical world. My company helps aspiring authors, Internet marketers and small business owners create their content in print and digital format. DiD Publishing assists authors and producers in a variety of areas:

• Content Creation
• Content Marketing
• Graphic Design
• Internet Marketing
• Mobile Apps
• Mobile Marketing
• Publication Consulting
• Publication Design
• Video Marketing
• Web Content

Creating the right content starts with knowing the intended marketplace. Advance research into consumer habits and interests helps to determine whether a project will succeed financially. This type of analysis can be used as a guide to keep the content moving in the right direction.

Content Creation

Content creation can be a daunting proposition for many aspiring product creators. Having an idea is not the same as execution of a project. We help to lay out the foundation and build the roadmap that our clients can use to produce a project from start to finish. We also provide assistance in the area of writing and editing to ensure professional results.

Content Marketing

E-books, online courses and video presentations are useful tools for connecting businesses with their prospects. My company develops full-scale plans that utilize media both on and off the web. Whether you need a newsletter, press release or full-fledged training course; DiD Publishing can provide these tools for your marketing efforts.

Graphic Design

A professional looking product requires an attractive package. E-book covers, video titles, logos and web graphics must compete effectively to gain both trust and acceptance by the target audience. Our experienced artists and designers work closely with our clients to give them the winning edge.

Internet Marketing

Having a great product is not enough; our Internet marketing division helps clients to promote and develop sales and marketing strategies. The “Double My Revenues In 12 Months Or Less” marketing course is a comprehensive program for anyone interested in excelling in marketing on the web.

Mobile Apps

Reaching users on mobile platforms is essential to business growth at this time. We help our clients develop mobile apps that are appropriate to their content distribution goals. We provide programmers along with content development specialists to create user-friendly apps for Android, iPhone and Windows platforms.

Mobile Marketing

Developing a systematic approach to reaching out to the millions of users requires an in-depth knowledge of the mobile app marketplace. We provide strategies and consult with clients on the most appropriate methods of reaching the target audience in the area of tablet and smart phone content marketing.

Publication Consulting/Design

We still work with individuals who desire to package their products in the most professional manner available. We help to format e-books and digital properties such as android apps, Kindle books, Apple products and print publications. We cover everything from page design and formatting to product packaging and promotional graphics.

Video marketing

One of the most effective ways to promote products and develop the following is true the use of videos online. Our team uses cutting-edge video, graphics and animation software to create visuals that pull in the viewer. We also employ professional scriptwriters and voice over artists to deliver professional results.

Web Content

Important to consider is that having the best marketing strategy, top-notch promotional materials and cutting-edge video content will go a long way to bringing targeted visitors to their predetermined destination. The intended webpage should offer the same consistent quality, information and user-friendliness as the material that enchanted its visitor. Our writing staff can help in this undertaking. Whether it’s designing a sales letter or gathering testimonial information, DiD Publishing offers clients a variety of options to choose from.

Our staff has over 100 years of collective experience in content marketing, publication design and production. Our customized approach to client services allows us to approach each project from a unique perspective. Contact Dennis Morales Francis today to learn more about how DiD Publishing can help in crafting a comprehensive blueprint for your next project. Call 209 730-6386 for more information.